5 Questions Around Curtain Walls

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Let's help you find the answers to your to your questions around fabric curtain walls, by answering these 5 common questions we get asked.

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Question 1: How much do fabric curtain walls cost?

The price per square meter for the Zoneworks curtain walls varies a lot, due to the many different types of curtain we can offer. We suggest to get in touch with us to get your personalized quote to suit your application. In addition to that, the simplicity of curtain walls and their components (vinyl fabric, insulated batting, and thread) culminate in a product that doesn’t require a specialized sub-contractor and allows for a speedy installation with minimal interruption to your daily operation. This results in savings of roughly 40-60% over traditional construction costs on sizable in-built wall systems.

Question 2: What level of temperature separation can I achieve using curtain walls?

Curtain walls can be used to divide cooler/freezer space, keep employees warm or cool in specified plant areas where treated air is needed, and protect temperature-sensitive items or processes. Insulated curtain walls can provide up to 22°C temperature separation between areas.

Question 3: Are Zoneworks Curtain Walls an “off-the-shelf” product?

No. Every curtain wall is custom built for each project and designed by professional RiteHite engineers. This allows the curtains to be configured in virtually any size, shape or dimension – making them rich with potential for varied applications.

Question 4: Can you add doors to curtain walls?

Yes, we can incorporate any type of door (PVC strip doors, high-speed doors, sectional/rolling steel doors, steel man-doors, etc.) with the addition of steel framing into the fabric.

Question 5: Do curtain walls attach to the floor?

They do not and we don’t recommend it unless there is a heavy negative or positive pressure situation. Our sweeps at the bottom of the panels seal against the floor and match any voids or elevation changes in the floor slab. In the event the curtain needs to be anchored to the floor, steel angles can be positioned on the floor and the curtain secured to the steel angle.

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