Do You Struggle To Find Good Technical Files?

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Searching, finding, changing, editing, copying, adjusting. All these things take time, and when it comes to doing all of these with Revit and technical files, these things take even longer. We are striving to provide our valued Architects and Construction customers with quality, information rich product files, which they can find and use with ease.

First up, please be aware that all of our brochures and technical files are available on our Architects Page, simply click on the different areas and download the product files you need!

As these files become available (which a lot already are, just check our Architects Page) we want to make you aware of their existence so you can grab them whenever you like and use them in any projects you may have on at current.


The Ulti-Flex Door is a member of our high speed doors range, and is built specifically for chiller and freezer applications, where a tight seal is needed, yet constant access is required. To put it simply, it was built to save our customers huge electricity bills that they get each month from using so much electricity to run their freezer or chiller cooling units. So instead of pumping more cold air in (which costs a fortune) we effectively block the big holes in the area – the doorways.

Are you designing or constructing a cold storage facility, freezer facility, distribution center? This high speed freezer door could just be that perfect solution.

Download the Ulti-Flex technical files by clicking here.

View the Ulti-Flex product page by clicking here.

Click over to the right to view the video.

Ulti Group is looking to make our technical files easier for all of our customers to use so we encourage you to give us feedback on these files, let us know what needs improving, adjusting, so we can make them more user friendly!

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Click below to view the Ulti-Flex high speed freezer door video: 



If you’re not sure what door system you should be using to best suit your customers needs? Or got a bit of a whacky situation where you need some help with? The team at Ulti are always willing to help, and we will provide free site visits anywhere in New Zealand, so get in touch with us today to find the perfect solution for you or your customer. Call us on 0800 807 753 or email us on – we look forward to hearing from you!