Video: FasTrax FR Testimonial

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We recently visited a lower North Island food processing company, to see how they were finding a new high speed freezer door we installed for them. Watch the video to see what they said...

The first question you’ll have is no doubt – so who is the customer!? Where!?

I’m afraid we cannot publish their name, but this is straight from the end user, the one who uses our door all day every day, along with references from his boss.

All we can say is that its a Lower North Island food processing company, who recently installed a FasTrax FR door.

If you’re looking for the best high speed freezer door system on the market, look no further. Our customer here was more than chuffed after he made the choice to install an Ulti Group FasTrax FR freezer door, and its now effectively saving them energy and costs, at the same time as providing a safer and more enjoyable working atmosphere for the employees.

Happy viewing, and click here to view the FasTrax FR Door’s own page, for more information and another descriptive video!






Transcript Of Video:

If any company has a problem with their power bill, has a problem with ice buildup, has a problem with vision going in and out of their freezer because of flaps on and so forth, this is your answer.

We used to have a big roller door and every time I used to jump off and have to open and close it, and it used to have a lot of ice buildup on the ground. It was quite dangerous. It was also using quite a lot of power and the bill was quite expensive.

We came along to these guys (Ulti Group) and asked them about the roller doors. My boss went along to one of the conventions and was showed how it worked, and he was pretty convinced so he wanted it to get installed. Ever since it has been used, I have had no problems whatsoever – it’s absolutely positive in every way. The ice buildup has diminished by 90%, and we were even able to take the flaps down – it’s an absolutely awesome product.

Their service is excellent. They came on a day that was very busy, and instead of them just getting in to do the job, they stepped out of the way, they made sure that I had first priority. Every time I asked for them to hop out of the way so I could do my job, they did it without complaint. And within two days, I do believe, they have installed it and it was spot on. Perfect!

This is a 110% better than what we could have. I suggest any company put this in because it saves a lot of money. The power bill was just amazing afterwards – my boss told me about it!


Click below to view the FasTrax FR Testimonial Video! 


It has a countdown system. I do believe that you can time it for yourself. We have it on 8 seconds because that’s more than ample. You go up – it starts counting down from 8 seconds, every time you cross one of the two sensors, it cuts off and it restarts again. If you’re constantly covering the sensors it will just stay open.

The side rail air pocket releases warm air constantly so that the rails never freeze up – so that the roller door can always open and close. It’s absolutely wonderful. When we had the old door here and the condensation was built up, it was very hard to open the door and even though we had heating wires in the door, it still wasn’t enough to break the ice. You’d have to literally break it before you could open it. Now that they have this in place – perfect!

Every time that we opened up the old door, the heat would rise up and hit the fans, then the condensation would melt it and it would hit the ground and you’d have thick ice right along here (below the door) and all the pvc curtains would end up freezing as well. Now that we’ve got rid of the old door, this is slowly wearing off. Now you’ve got to keep in mind that we’ve only had this new door (FasTrax FR) in for a little bit so the wear and tear of this ice here is slowly diminishing – which is absolutely awesome. I used to have to come in here and literally smash the ice off the ground with a hammer for safety reasons. Now I don’t have to.