Video: Foodstuffs Testimonial – Dock Loading

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Watch the video to hear what Ian Martin from Foodstuffs Distribution Center in Palmerston North has to say about our solutions for Dock Loading.

“These are the best invention, that’s ever been…” – Ian, we couldn’t agree more.

For the last 10+ years Ulti Group has worked with Foodstuffs to keep their facilities up to date with the latest and most efficient, safe and productive doors and dock loading systems on the market.

We recently visited their Palmerston North Distribution Center and had a talk with Ian Martin, the Maintenance Engineer Coordinator for the site, about the dock and door solutions that we had installed many years ago, and serviced during the following years.

See the video to the right to hear Ian telling us about the features and benefits of the Ulti Dock Loading systems, in particular the: (click the below links to view the webpages)

Combo Shelter
Hydraulic Dock Leveller
DockSaver Bumper

You’ve got to hear it from Ian, as a professional in his field. Take a look at the video and feel free to get in touch with us either on or if you wish to speak, on 0800 807 753 – we look forward to hearing from you!

This is the first of a few videos from Ian, as we speak to him about the Ulti-Flex Bi-Parting freezer doors they have in their facility, of which one has done over a million cycles! Keep your eye on this blog and sign up to our newsletter here to make sure you don’t miss out.


Transcript of testimonial from Ian: 

You supplied us with this (pointing at the Ulti Dock Shelter). This first came to us as a trial and we put it in, and we found it very very effective with the fact that they follow the truck in and you don’t get the gaps.

Now what we had on the site prior to that was airbags (another type of seal). The problem with this site is the Palmerston North winds blows the airbags and they actually get pinched between the dockway savers. Now we also bought the dockway savers (DokSaver Bumpers) through Ulti Group, and all of this was installed by Ulti Group. Very very effective.

With this type of set up here now, we can [load and unload] containers, and this now is probably is enough to seal around them. Otherwise this would have to be built out to cover the container. I believe is what they use overseas, and this has been very, very effective that it’s a multi – we are able to use it on all of our trucks.


Click the play button to view the video: 




We’ve only in all of our 9 years had one motor that we had an issue with. And I believe its very, very rare. But no, they’re very, very good, very, very reliable dockways. These are the best invention that’s ever been – I can tell you now (pointing at the DokSaver Bumper). With the size trucks we’ve got, some of them you’ll see around the back there, this is actually bent.
We had the rubbers on and within about three weeks all the rubbers are on the ground split in half. The trucks just go (wham) – using the dockways to actually stop the trucks. So, yeah – absolutely brilliant.

And I think these come with…a 25 year warranty or something. So, they’re still there, they get patched up, welded, they’re still there! So, great invention, yeah. And the word Dockway Saver-that’s pretty much what they are!