Video: Team Ulti Plays Mini Golf

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Check out one of the fun activities we had from last year! The Ulti Team throughout New Zealand gathered together for a series of team building activities - one of which was playing Mini Golf and having BBQ at Treasure Island in Auckland!

All the Ulti Group employees from the Kerikeri, Hawera, Hamilton, Auckland and Christchurch offices came to Auckland for Team Ulti Day in 2016! The opening exercises and initial activities were done at the Auckland office and you can watch the video here: Team Ulti Day

After getting to know many of the team members from other branches, the team hopped into the bus and headed to Treasure Island in Auckland to play Mini Golf and have a BBQ!

Check out this video to see everyone’s excitement as we sharpen our golfing skills, as well as feed our faces with sausages, bread and onions superbly cooked by Don and Jerry. The activity surely helped build Ulti Group’s culture!