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On the 21st April 2016 the whole of Ulti Group and some of the contractors came together in Auckland to celebrate Team Ulti Day - and the whole day was videoed! Read this post to find out more and to watch the video.

Early on the morning of the 21st of April 2016, 42 Team Ulti members from across New Zealand boarded planes, vans and cars bound for Auckland, every member headed for ‘Team Ulti Day’ which was being held at the Novotel Hotel situated by the Auckland International Airport. It was the first time….ever….that every employee and some of the contractors had been together in one place in the country. Unfortunately one or two couldn’t make it due to sicknesses but this was the day, the big day!

Our host for the day was Wendy McPhail, from The Marketing Company, and Don Cottle (Ulti Group CEO) and Jerry Prestidge (Ulti Group General Manager).

We kicked off the day with Team Introductions, which took a good 45 minutes while each member introduced themselves and told us a little story about what they love about Ulti Group the most. Don & Jerry then presented the brand new Mission and Vision statement for Ulti, and explained to the team the background and what each was to mean to us going forward.

Wendy then took the lead and at each of our 5 tables we built Ulti Groups core values, which attracted a healthy debate between all tables, all in good Ulti spirit of course! After lunch we did a series of team building challenges with Wendy, splitting into groups and making all sorts of weird and wonderful things including bridges…etc. (last I checked we did doors and docks? oh well…solution providers we are….let’s build bridges!)

After all this we headed in a bus around to Mini Golf where we spent the remainder of the afternoon sharpening our golfing skills, as well as feeding our faces with sausages, bread and onions superbly cooked by Don and Jerry.

Rather tired we headed back to the Novotel in our purple bus and Wendy and Don wound up the day – which included the announcement of Ulti Day (woo hoo!), coming up on the 15th of July 2016 where all employees get a day off work to celebrate…well…whatever they want to celebrate!

So all in all, a great day was had by all and it really brought the team together. Please do check our video out to the right!

Team Ulti Day Video:

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