We’re Doing Ulti Day Again!

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Every year, while the workforce of New Zealand struggles through the winter weeks between Queens Birthday and Labour Weekend, we at Ulti have our very own public holiday called 'Ulti Day'!

Ulti Day first came about in 2015, set on by upper Ulti Group management as a way to break the massive gap between Queens Birthday and Labour Weekend, where the rest of New Zealand goes nearly four months without a public holiday.

This is a fully paid day off work, which doesn’t affect your annual leave days, so its truly and fully an Ulti holiday.

In 2017, Ulti Day will be on the 21st of July, so feel free to have the day off work to help us celebrate! (celebrate the day off, that is)

It’s just one of the perks of working for a great company like Ulti Group.

Want to join our great team and get your own Ulti Day? Get in touch.