Zoneworks Curtains

Industrial curtain walls

Large fabric curtain walls used to separate and partition off specific areas of your facility – temperature controlled, high noise level, wash down and more.

Don’t make a permanent mistake – traditional rigid walls lock you into a layout and make future changes timely and costly. This flexible wall design gives you the ability to easily reconfigure, relocate, or remove them as your facility needs change.

Ideal For:
Freezers, Chillers, Warehouses, Open Dock Areas, Production Areas, Clean Rooms, Manufacturing Areas.

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Insulated Curtains

Zoneworks Insulated Curtains keep chilled areas cool and heated areas warm, providing up to 22°C of temperature separation between areas. Protect temperature sensitive items, increase employee comfort, and reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling. 

Insulated Curtains

Acoustic Curtains

Partition off separate sound zones anywhere, protecting employee hearing, and enhancing worker comfort. Our modular, flexible sound-dampening panels are layered with sound-absorbing materials that can reduce noise levels by 22-25 dBs, depending on existing frequency levels.

Acoustic Curtains

Wash Down Curtains

Created out of white vinyl fabric with air and water tight seams, these curtain walls eliminate the potential for bacteria, mould or mildew to accumulate. All components are made out of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and are fully wash down. 

Wash Down Curtains
its what these curtains are all about