Danone Nutricia Project

A new blending and packaging plant for nutrition supplements features Ulti Group’s high speed and hygiene control doors.

Danone Nutricia is a global food company known for infant formula products. They supply nutritional products for infants, children and adults in many countries around the world. The company has been expanding at speed and recently moved into a new facility in Auckland built by Ebert Construction.

Ulti Group was chosen by Ebert Construction and Danone to supply and install automated environmental control doors and hygiene doors and hatches for this state-of-the-art facility.

The types of doors installed were Ulti-Roll Doors and stainless steel hygiene control doors. We also provided and installed pass through hatches which allow totally sealed and hygienic transfers of materials between hygiene controlled rooms.

Ulti-Roll doors are high speed crash-resistant fabric doors that open upward. This kind of door is designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic and is ideal for temperature control as well as for dust and other contaminant control. The Ulti-Roll moves up at 1.6 meters per second which allows a quick cycle time that ensures greater environmental control for an area while saving energy to reduce cost.

Stainless Steel Hygiene Doors are designed to be the ultimate solution for any hygiene-tight facility, cool store, distribution centre, food processing plant – and most specially – for dairy blending and packaging facilities of nutrition supplements where hygiene is paramount and a lifelong solution is needed.


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