The Pak House Project

Another successful installation of doorway solutions was completed for the vegetable sorting facility, The Pak House in Panmure, Auckland.

The Pak house is a vegetable sorting facility for several Pak’nSave stores across New Zealand. They just developed a large coolstore inside their location which require temperature control doorway solutions.

As a vegetable sorting facility, The Pak house wants to ensure that food safety and quality control are carried out in the most effective and efficient manner. They approached our team at Ulti Group to help provide the doorway systems for this development.

The Pak House decided to put in two Ulti-Roll Doors, one with an insulated curtain, a set of 6000 series swing doors and 12 surface mounted bollards. One of the Ulti-Roll doors was installed alongside the 6000 series swing doors for temperature control between the packing area and the chiller.

The Ulti-Roll door is a high speed crash resistant door that opens upward and is designed for a continuous flow of traffic. The other Ulti-Roll door has an insulated curtain for the loadout area. This helps maintain the desired temperature inside the facility. The Ulti-Roll doors are also able to move at 2 meters per second which minimizes the chance of forklift impact and decreases energy costs.

The 6000 series swing doors is surrounded by a universal rubber gasket which enhances sealing, maintaining the temperature between rooms with different air temperatures. It also features impact resistant buffers and transparent Lexan windows to prevent accidents. This smart looking door is installed with polyamide double effect hinges for long life and durability.

Bollards were also installed on both sides of each doorway to provide maximum protection against vehicle and forklift truck damage.