Virtual Vision Advanced Warning Technology

Oncoming traffic safety lighting

Flashing lights alert personnel of approaching traffic through doorways or where there is obstructed visibility, therefore dramatically enhancing the safety of your personnel.


Advanced Warning Technology gives your personnel ‘virtual vision’, which in the long run improves productivity and also reduces harm to personnel and damage to vehicles.



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Bright LED warning lights provide advanced warning of traffic for areas where visibility is reduced, and therefore maximises safety of your personnel. 


Suitable For

Any doorways, gateways, hidden corners, insulated doors where windows are unable to be used, and can be fitting to any door type - regardless of manufacturer. 


Suitable For

Virtual Visibility

Sensors on either side of doorway detect when traffic is approaching, and activate flashing red lights on the opposite side of the door. 

Virtual Visibility
Collisions cause death
Prevent them with advanced warning technology

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