Corner Sentry

    Impactable corner protector

    Plastic corner protectors add a protective layer to your vulnerable corners around your facility, reducing or eliminating damage to both the corner and vehicle.

    Vehicle impact is a constant problem for industrial corners in heavy traffic areas. Corner sentry is a bright yellow material which attaches to your corners, adding visibility to the area, whilst absorbing any accidental impact that may occur.

    Height: 1070mm
    Thickness at corner: 50mm

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    Absorbs Impact

    Upon impact, the corner protector absorbs the force of the moving vehicle, meaning no damage is made to the vehicle or the corner. It also can be impacted time and time again, as after each impact it returns to its original shape, ready to prevent expensive damage again. 

    Absorbs Impact

    Highly Visible

    Made out of a bright yellow EVA material makes the protector highly visible, giving your corners around your facility added exposure and reducing the number of accidental impacts in the first place. 

    Highly Visible


    Due to being impactable, Corner Sentry can be used time and time again, as after an impact it simply returns to its original shape, ready to take the next impact. 

    protect your corners
    with corner sentry