Edge Of Dock Levellers

Simple dock to truck leveller

Positioned on the edge of the dock, these levellers are ideal for trucks with minimal height difference, or if space around your dock is a problem.

Saves time and space by eliminating the need to store, find and move portable plates to correct dock positions.


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Economical Option

The Edge of Dock Leveller is a low cost solution for if you need a simple dock leveller to bridge the gap between the dock and a truck.

Economical Option

Hydraulic Upgrade

All mechanical units come ready for hydraulic upgrade, so if in future a hydraulic system is needed it can be added simply. 

Hydraulic Upgrade


Dock bumpers can be added to the front of the leveller so trucks do not damage it when backing up to it. 

Truck Docking
shouldn't be as complicated as rocket science

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