Guard Rite Strap

    Retractable heavy traffic barrier

    A heavy duty two-strap barrier system used to protect large work areas or long walkways, which can be easily removed to provide full access to these areas.

    Consider this system for areas that are currently designated by only a yellow painted line. It provides an economical, effective visual and physical barrier to help keep people and material handling equipment out of harm’s way.

    Guard Rite Strap Video:


    Maximum Span: 18.3m
    Impact Rating: Can stop a 4500kg forklift travelling at 6.5km/h
    Height: Top strap is 152mm high

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    The double post design can stop a 4500kg forklift travelling at 6.5km/h, providing maximum safety for personnel using walkways or working in areas with high traffic volume around them. 



    Straps can span up to 18.3m between permanently mounted steel posts and are easily retracted to provide unobstructed access to the area they guard. 


    Save Costs

    Costs are saved not only through prevention of damage to equipment and harm to personnel but also from the straps being impactable, absorbing impact without damage. If needed, straps can be retensioned after impact if required. 

    Save Costs
    maximum span?
    18.3 meters