Overhead Gantry Doors

Door with Gantry Track

Insulated and hygienic doors with the ability to have a gantry track through the doorway, and having the doorway still sealing tightly.

With a hinged door, the gantry track runs above the doorway with seals around the track. With sliding doors, the track can run above the doorway, or with a gantry-lift system where a part of the gantry pipe or rail is flicked upwards, allowing the sliding door to fully seal when closed. See this in the below video:

Panel Types: Stainless steel, galvanised steel, painted galvanised steel

Panel Thickness: 60mm to 80mm for Hinged, 60mm for Sliding


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Insulated & Hygienic

Hinged and Sliding doors can be constructed for both chiller and freezer operations, and can be constructed fully out of stainless steel, both panel and fittings, so great for full wash-down areas.


Insulated & Hygienic

Optional Extras

A range of automation systems, hinges, handles, locks and safety features can be added to your door to enhance its performance and help further increase productivity and energy savings around your facility. 


Optional Extras

Stainless Steel Finish

The stainless steel leaf can be finished in several ways; smooth, brushed, circle brushed or line brushed. This is not available from any other supplier in New Zealand, so you'll certainly stand out from the crowd. 


Stainless Steel Finish
It's Simple
to add a door in the middle of your conveyor line

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