Park Sentry

Impactable column protector for car parks

Strap around protectors for parking structure columns, adding a layer of effective protection to the column, and minimising the damage to the column and vehicle.

Maximum Size: None
Minimum Size: None
Side Thickness: 40mm
Corner Thickness: 55mm

Sentry Pro Range Video:


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Minimise Damage

Square, circular, big or small. Protect your parking columns and vehicles by using Park Sentry, which will absorb impact and reduce damage caused by accidental impacts, therefore reducing damage costs to your assets. 

Minimise Damage

Simple Installation

The park column padding product is secured to the column using adjustable reflective straps, which can be adjusted or removed with ease. 

Simple Installation

Small Footprint

Park Sentry panels are thin, only 40mm thick, adding little to the columns footprint, yet giving ultimate protection. The corners are 55mm, where it is necessary as to absorb heavier blows. 


Small Footprint
what size?
any! park sentry can be customised to fit any size column