Rack Protectors

    PVC range that protects Warehouse Racks

    Each rack protector is equipped with accessories and shock resistant coextruded profile with soft material inside acting as a cushion during impacts with moving vehicles.


    Diameter Sizes:

    small – 60-80mm (RPS 600)

    medium – 80-100mm (RPM 600)

    large – 100-120mm (RPL 600)

    flexible – 60-130mm (RPF 600) includes fixing bolts and plates; Flexible material which can be fitted to required racking size during installation.

    Height: 600mm


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    High Impact Absorption

    Made of coextruded materials which acts as versatile shock absorber that protects rack without compromising the safety of forklift truck drivers.

    High Impact Absorption

    Easy Installation

    These rack protectors are designed for a quick and easy installation.

    Easy Installation

    Wide Size Range

    You can choose from a wide range of diameter sizes to suit your racks’ proportions.

    Wide Size Range
    A complete range
    of PVC profiles for Warehouse Rack protection