Rack Sentry

Impactable racking protector

Plastic racking protection system which virtually eliminates pallet racking damage by absorbing the force of a forklifts impact, therefore improving safety and decreasing rack repair costs.

Cushioning those big bumps to pallet racking from forklifts and other moving traffic around your site, Rack Sentry protectors save your pallet racking from accidental knocks, which can potentially lead to large expenses and hours of downtime with damage to pallet racking. They surround the racking with a cushion of air, flexing under impact and protecting the vehicle, vehicle driver and racking.

Rack Sentry is suitable to be installed in sub-zero temperatures.

Sentry Pro Range Video: 


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Rack sentry’s air-vent system allows air to escape upon impact, allowing the sentry to absorb the impact without splitting its sides. The rack protection then simply returns to its original shape, ready to receive another accidental impact and save the pallet racking.


Easy to install

The protector simply slots onto the racking, and two easy to use black Velcro straps wrap around the back of the racking, strapping the racking protector and the racking leg together

Easy to install


Available in a number of sizes and moulds to fit almost any type of racking.

reusable time and time again
rack sentry is reusable after every impact