Sliding Medical Doors

Fully stainless steel sliding medical doors designed for any hospital doorway, which are built to be safe and robust, and to enhance the look of a doorway.

Ulti Sliding Medical Doors have a vast variety of options which can be added or removed, depending on the application.

Door Wing: 37mm wing with fully closed construction, acoustically and thermally insulated with highly pressured polyurethane foam. Can be single or double slide.

Automation: Optional hand operated or automated


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Optional Window

Circular or rectangular windows can be fitted into the door, optionally double-glazed and are finished flush with the door leaf. Internal blind also available.  


Optional Window

Tightening Slide System

The door tracks have indents in them so that when the sliding door closes, it pinches tightly into the door frame to eliminate any gaps around the door, sealing it tightly.


Tightening Slide System


Doors can be integrated with fire alarms, security systems and other doors around the hospital, for security or in case of an emergency.


give patients happiness
by having fantastic looking doors

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