Ulti-Fold Max

High speed over-sized warehouse door

Rapid acting warehouse door for extremely oversized doorways up to 35m wide and 20m high, with high wind resistance and unmatchable strength.


Very strong horizontal beam sections stack on top of one another to create an extremely tough door.


Maximum Width: 35m

Maximum Height: 30m

Maximum Opening Speed: 0.3m/sec

Maximum Closing Speed: 0.3m/sec


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Extremely Large Span

Spanning doorways up to 35m wide and 30m high, the Ulti-Fold Max is a great option for turning large openings into responsive doorways, where you can easily maintain a different environment on the inside of the door to the outside. 

Extremely Large Span

Very High Wind Resistance

The horizontal bars are fitted into pockets which are welded to the curtain, giving this door a Class 4 wind rating (up to 130km/h), which is unheard of for a door this size. 

Very High Wind Resistance


A reversing bottom edge, safety sensor technology and vision panels come standard with the Ulti-Fold Max, ensuring safety is maximised around your large door openings. 

35m Wide x 30m High
Maximum size of an Ulti-Fold Max Door

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