High speed folding warehouse door

Rapid acting folding door for situations where both speed and strength are required – an economic solution for all warehouses.


Ideal For:
Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, printing companies, logistic companies, dust control, ‘big-box’ retail and much more.

Maximum Size: 12m Wide x 10m High
Opening Speed: Up to 1.5m/sec
Wind Load: 150km/h
Warranty: 2 years

The ultimate balance between size, strength, and speed.


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Large Span

Turn your large openings into responsive doorways with the Ulti-Fold, comfortably spanning 12m Wide and 10m High openings. See the Ulti-Fold Max for larger openings. 

Large Span


Adjustable photocells with a 20m range detect traffic and reverse closing door, and window panels can be added to enhance visibility when closed or opening, both maximising safety to prevent personnel harm and vehicle damage. 



Exterior building doors need to be immensely strong to endure high winds, harsh storms or other severe environmental conditions, and the Ulti-Fold has been designed to withstand them all, with a wind speed rating of over 150km/h.

12m Wide x 10m High
Maximum size of an ulti-fold door

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