Vertical Storing Dock Levellers

Upright storing dock levellers

Dock levellers which store upright, therefore offering superior security and environmental control by allowing the truck to fully dock before opening the trailer doors.

Warranty: 1 Year


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Improved Cleanliness

Vertical storing position allows for easy routine pit cleaning or full wash-down. 

Increased Safety

Constant-pressure push-button controls keep operator in control of leveller movement at all times, and run-off guards prevent forklift drivers from accidentally driving off the side of the leveller.

Maximum Environmental Control

With the overhead door closing to the dock pit floor, dust, debris and rodents are prevented from entering your facility, and energy loss is reduced from the door being airtight. Also, energy loss is reduced due to  the leveller allowing trailer doors to remain closed until fully positioned at the dock. 

Door Protection

Storing vertically in front of the door, the Vertical Leveller acts as a guard against vehicle impact to your dock doors, preventing door damage from accidental impacts. 


Door Protection

Smooth Transition

From the rear hinge to the front hinge, the Vertical Dock Leveller provides a smooth transition between the dock, leveller and trailer to help prevent injuries, and minimize forklift and product damage. 

Smooth Transition


Hydraulic positioning of both the lip and platform ensures high reliability and low maintenance of the dock leveller, and push button activation provides the dock attendant with simple control for easy and safe operation. 

5 major benefits
Smooth Transition, Safety, Hygiene, Environmental Control & Door Protection

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