New Range – Stainless Steel Doors

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After over a years' research to find suitable hygienic doors for the New Zealand market, we now unveil to you our all new Stainless Steel Doors range for all your hygiene, chiller and freezer applications which require sliding or hinged doors.

Have you been having issues with traditional sandwich panel doors breaking down, distorting, getting banged about, warping, looking terrible…..etc?

We heard and are still hearing the problems that occur with the ‘good old’ (not!) doors for freezers, chillers and hygiene areas, so we have done some serious homework and bring to you this new range of high quality good looking stainless steel doors, built to not only work good, but to work long, to work hard and to look good.

There has been a lack of decent hygiene and chiller sliding and hinged doors to choose from, but now you can have every challenge solved by working with our team to design the door you need, with our new range of stainless steel hygiene doors.

Our range includes: (click to see product pages)

Sliding Freezer/Chiller Doors
Hinged Freezer/Chiller Doors
Hygiene Sliding & Hinged Doors
Swing Doors
Medical Sliding Doors
Medical Hinged Doors
Overhead Gantry Doors
and more…

These doors can make your facility look like a palace with options to stripe or circular brush the stainless steel, which make the doors irresistibly good looking!

But the looks are only a bonus, these doors were designed to provide the ultimate solution for any hygiene-tight facility, or cool store, distribution center, meat processing plant, food processing plant and any other facility where a life long sliding or hinged door solution is needed.

With a vast range of options around the doors they can be manufactured to suit your facility perfectly, so the door you get was made for you, not for a generic purpose. Multiple hinge options are available, handle options, sliding rail options, automatic or manual operation… name what you want, we’ll get it built. (actually, we’ll help you name what you want, to make sure you get the exact solution needed!)

So contact our team on 0800 807 753 or, and we will step you through the process of building the perfect door for your facility.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Click below to view the video:

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