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Preventative Maintenance Service

Sick of operational downtime? Protect Your Investment and Keep Operations Running Smoothly with Ulti Group’s Proactive Preventative Maintenance Services

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Invest in Prevention, Not Repairs

Ulti Group offers a simple and effective way to minimize costs while maximizing the lifetime of your door, dock, or other equipment. Our experienced technicians have extensive on-site experience and can service all brands of automatic door operators and dock systems. We provide regular maintenance, detect operational faults before they become costly repairs, and offer periodic inspections of your doors. 

With our after-service reports, you will receive detailed information on the condition of your doors, upcoming repair alerts, and recommended upgrades, ensuring that your equipment is always in top shape. Choose Ulti Group for comprehensive preventative maintenance and peace of mind.


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Enjoy the hassle free maintenance, and detailed after-service reports.

We are your partners

Peace of Mind at Your Doorstep

Here’s some things you could expect when investing in a preventative maintenance offering from Ulti Group:

  • Regular maintenance to keep their doors and equipment operating at optimum performance levels.
  • Detection of operational faults before they become costly repairs.
  • Periodic inspections, customised based on the type, age, and usage of the products involved.
  • Service work completed by Ulti Group’s specialist door technicians.
  • After-service reports containing detailed information on the condition of their doors, upcoming repair alerts, and recommended upgrades for consideration and approval.
  • Expert support for a wide range of specialist door and dock systems, ensuring a comprehensive level of service and maintenance.
  • A clear and transparent service value determined in the initial service contract, with additional approval sought for any works outside the scope of this service.
  • A hassle-free and convenient service experience that minimizes disruption to your operations and ensures the long-term efficiency, security, and environmental control of your facility.
Preventative maintenance

Find out how to minimise your repair costs and maximise the ROI of your door and dock loading equipment.


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