PVC Doors – Replacement Panels Available

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Are your plastic flap doors getting foggy, split, ripped or scratched? Now available is replacement panels for your doors, so instead of replacing the whole door system, if the mechanics are still working alright then you may as well just replace the panels.

And there’s nothing worse than walking up to a once clear PVC door and having to squint through to see if anyone is coming…and in the meantime your colleague rushes through with a trolley, taking you out at the knees!

It’s a pain right?

So if you’ve got a door that is not looking too good and not working too good, give us a bell and we’ll sort you out a replacement panel.

Now there’s a few options when it comes to replacement panels for the 2400 Series and 3000 Series Doors, as per below:

Features such as Texaflex and Opaque finishes offers a range of privacy levels to suit each individual application. Privacy finishes to retail traffic doors deters customers from entering your stock or prep rooms whilst limiting visibility to these areas. We know hospitals often demand an easy to clean finish with minimal vision where patient privacy is paramount.

Texaflex PVC material is a solid colour throughout the door material thickness. The surface is finished with a light texture and has an easy to clean gloss finish, making this scratch resistant for trolley use. Texaflex is the ultimate in privacy finishes. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Red.

A unique finish which allows minimum vision while providing a scratch resistant surface, making it an easy to clean panel while still allowing light to penetrate through the panels.

Opaquing is a finish that is applied to one side of the PVC door panel. This finish creates a partial block out that still allows a small amount of vision through the door panel. Opaque finish can be applied at any height of the door panel. Combine the opaque finish with Texaflex to create a unique door panel design.

Enhance your image, boost traffic awareness – have your message laminated into the panel of your PVC door. Our unique process of Laminated Signage will remain readable for the life of the door panel. It cannot be removed or damaged. Compare this to an unprotected sticker or a paper sign attached to the door. We stock a selection of standard wording and pictograms for your Worksafe requirements or for access restriction awareness. Custom made signage is available.





So if you’re looking for replacement panels, a full new doorset, or not even a PVC door at all  – we’re keen to help! Just call us on site (which is free) tell us all your problems and we’ll put together a great solution for you.

Flick us an email on sales@ultigroup.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 807 753


Click here to view the 2400 Series Door

Click here to view the 3000 Series Door

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