Raising The Bar On Clean Doors

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What makes a Clean Room "clean"? A seemingly simple question but an important one for those in the Pharmaceutical or Food Processing industries. Objectives in cleaning and maintaining clean rooms can vary from industry to industry.

International standards have been created to determine the level of air cleanliness for specific room uses. Along with these standards, there are USDA and FDA guidelines that help companies prevent contamination to their product during manufacturing, packaging, and storage.

So whether the contaminants you are removing are particles and fibers, chemicals, bacteria, or electrostatic charges, you would know the importance of controlling the total environment.

To help you meet these standards and regulations, Ulti Group has an extensive range of products which can be configured to provide the best solution to any clean room application, no matter what the contaminants are that you are trying to keep you clean room free of.

The main problem with doorways into a clean room are:
– Curtain to curtain contact. The outside of the curtain may contact the ‘clean’ side of the curtain when rolling up, transferring contaminants from one side to the other.
– The bottom of the door touching the ground. If bacteria are on the floor, the bottom seal of the door may touch this when door is down, and when the door raises to let a forklift go through, bacteria may fall onto the product the forklift is carrying.
– Small components on the door system. These are perfect places for bacteria and contaminants to congregate and grow!

So what solutions can we provide?

The FasTrax Clean door, a high speed fabric door, specifically built for the clean room environment. Its non-contact spiral technology means one side of the curtain never touches the other, reducing the transfer of contaminants, and also the door is fully wash down and cleanable, to help keep bacteria out.

To stop contaminants on the bottom of the door falling onto product, see our SplitSecond Doors, where the doors split in the center and travel to either side, so there is no chance of bacteria falling from above onto your valuable product.

We have many other products which we can change and adjust to suit specific cleanroom needs, and we are waiting for our chance to help the next company improve their facility, by making it cleaner, faster, and safer.

Give the Ulti Group Team a call on 0800 807 753 or send us an email on sales@ultigroup.co.nz, and let us help you find the perfect solution for your challenges.

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