Using Our Infrared Camera To See Air Leakage

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Could we come to your facility and take some photo's with our infrared camera? It may just highlight those places where you are losing all of that expensive energy...for example, through your doors? Read on to find out more...

About a year ago we purchased an infrared camera for our team to use, which as you can imagine set us back a few dollars, as they don’t come cheap! We had it sitting around the place getting used here and there, but it didn’t get used a lot.

Only recently have we really started using on a regular basis, and really started finding the benefits of this small yet expensive piece of equipment. By now you’re thinking what a stupid basic thing to write about…well…yes, but many people would never even thought of using an infrared camera for industrial doors, so this can be their introduction!

The thing is they are so simple to use! (if you just want the basics). Simply aim the cross hairs at a point on the object and it will tell you the temperature of that area of the image, as well as give you the maximum and minimum temperatures within the shot you are taking.

Now obviously there are hundreds of different things that can be read from the one photo, you just have to get your head around the camera and around the program that comes with the camera. (Infrared Camera Pros will give you a million different things you can do – I’m only being basic here!)

Getting back to doors, if you have an industrial freezer door, for example the one in the image above, just by holding the infrared camera up to the door you can easily see where the cold air is leaking around the door and then go to work on reducing that leakage.

See the image to the right taken of the doorway with only damaged PVC Strip curtains covering it, we can see that the coldest part of the photo is -27.3 degrees Celsius, and the warmest 4.6 degrees Celsius, and where the cross hairs are is -8.5 degrees Celsius. Some quite cold air leaking out there, huh!

Then if you compare a poor insulated door system to a fully insulated 100% sealing system, the results are astonishing, and you get the full appreciation of how much energy a quality freezer door system saves you. For example the Ulti-Flex:


Infrared Camera Picture:


Our last offer is that if you are a New Zealand facility and you want the team at Ulti Group to come and take some photos of your doors with our infrared camera, we’re more than willing to come along and do so, and of course, help out with any door or dock loading challenges you may have at your facility.

Just flick us an email on or give us a call on 0800 807 753!

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