Video: Ulti-Roll High Speed Door In Action

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Ever seen an Ulti-Roll high speed door with an insulated curtain in action? Take a look and see just how handy a rapid door is for in-plant environmental separation.

The Ulti-Roll door is, in short – a very simple high speed door.

Not saying that we don’t have complex high speed doors ( I can promise you, we do!), but this is the basic high speed door for all your in-plant needs.

One of the ‘optional extras’ on this rapid door is the availability to give it an insulated curtain which is just slightly thicker than the standard door curtain and has enhanced thermal properties.

This means that we can provide an economically priced door for chillers, that works, and works well.

Yes, you’re right. It may not have all the whiz bangs that some of our other door systems have, but this door is suitable for some situations where not all of the enhanced features of a freezer door are needed.

Take a look at the video to the right to see the door in action. 


Video: Ulti-Roll Insulated Curtain Door