We are on ProductSpec!

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What even is ProductSpec??? Productspec is a comprehensive database of New Zealand architecture, interior design, landscape, and building products.You can freely browse and compare thousands of products from leading manufacturers and download technical files, environmental and compliance data, and CAD/BIM details.

Productspec is great for all types of users – architects, designers, engineers, contractors, trades, construction industry professionals, and homeowners use it to source and specify the perfect solution – it’s fast, simple, and free.

Ulti Group has listed a whole bunch of our main products onto Producspec, to make them more accessible to our valued clients, as our goal is to help architects and draftspeople in New Zealand save time when designing projects.

Our product technical files are fully created in Revit Families, so we start by building the family and then we export the file to suit whatever your system requires. Our standard files we export to are .rvt, .rfa, .dwg, .dgn and .pdf.

The PDF file includes full notations on different options on the door, as well as points that need clarifying with one of our team, what we supply and what we expect to be done by the contractor. Every thing is there right at your finger tips!

Remember, our technical door and dock loading Revit files are also on our Architects page, which you can click here to view. 

NO more spending hours redesigning files to make them suit your project! 

And if any of our files need adjusting, or we don’t have available what you need, get in touch with us immediately and we will have our Revit Designer onto the project, and have updated or new files to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you in your next project!

Click here to view our products on Productspec! 

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