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We now offer you 'project specific' drawings for your dock and door solutions! Check out this post to see the man behind our awesome product drawings and who will be able to draw the doors and dock loading areas for your next project exactly how they are going to look once construction is finished. He's the architects best friend.

Hello Architects, Builders and all other Construction Specialists, have you been looking for a door and dock specialist company to create project specific drawings for you? Well here’s the good news…

Ulti Group now has a dedicated team member for designing project specific CAD and Revit files just for you. Jonzon Enriquez (there he is in the main image) is our Revit and CAD specialist with over 9 years of experience and he’s currently working hard drawing specific dock and door drawings for many of our customers.

He’s already worked on multiple projects for different construction companies, each being extremely happy with the quality of the drawings he’s producing, and including them in the master plans for their projects.

When he’s not working on projects he’s working through each of our products, creating a Revit Family for each which he then exports multiple file types, for example: pdf, dwg, dgn, rfa, rvt……etc. These are all in line with the ANZRS. (Australia and New Zealand Revit Standard)

Check out all his latest door and dock drawings on productspec: https://productspec.net/search/?search=ulti%20group 

Or on our ‘Architects’ webpage!

So if you have a project coming up that you require some specific door and dock designs for, Jonzon will work with one of Ulti Groups salesmen to firstly provide you or your customer with the best solution and then work on drawing these up, either as stand  alone plans or to fit within a master plan of a whole project.

If you think this is up your alley give us a call on 0800 807 753 or send us an email on sales@ultigroup.co.nz and we’ll get Jonzon drawing!

Thanks for reading this blog post and have a great day….and remember…we pride ourselves in being solution providers, so we’re always looking for a challenge! Fire them at us!

Check out one of Jonzon’s product drawings below, chocca full of good information! 


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