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10 Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance For Your Door And Dock Systems

You service your car regularly, so why not service your doors regularly? Just like a car, your Ulti doors and dock systems need to be regularly maintained to keep them running smoothly and prevent bigger issues down the road.

Plus, conducting regular maintenance can have a big impact on the bottom line of a business, especially when it comes to your loading dock and industrial door equipment – systems your facility relies on every day. Even the best made loading dock and door equipment cannot take the daily beating of forklift traffic and trailers without proper maintenance.

So, here are 10 valuable benefits of preventative maintenance:



Increased Productivity

Ignoring routine maintenance eventually leads to an unplanned equipment failure, which can drastically impact your facility’s productivity. By keeping your loading dock equipment and doors regularly maintained, productivity naturally improves since you control the equipment downtime instead of it controlling you.

Improved Safety For Employees 

When equipment is functioning properly, internal facility workers are less likely to perform unsafe practices in order to bypass the equipment failure. In the case of dock and door equipment, the failure itself can lead to a dangerous situation for workers and equipment. No facility manager wants to discover equipment problems in the wake of a major tragedy, knowing more could have been done.

Increased Equipment ROI 

The dock systems and doors you invest in for your facility will perform more efficiently for longer when maintained properly, significantly improving your overall ROI.

Reduced Energy Costs 

Much like how an oil change keeps a car running smoothly, well-maintained docks and doors will perform more efficiently and have been shown to reduce energy bills by as much as 20 per cent.

Save On Maintenance Costs 

The cost of an unexpected equipment failure can be more than meets the eye. One government study found that maintenance costs were reduced by 12 to 18 per cent by using a PMP.

Less Equipment Downtime 

Planned equipment shutdowns can be strategically worked into a production schedule to minimise the impact on shipping and receiving schedules. But an unplanned shutdown can wreak havoc on your facility’s efficiencies.

Top Of The Line Service 

Many organisations have some kind of preventative plan in place, but there is a key benefit to using an external provider rather than an in-house team. External service providers will have all the necessary tools and training to complete the job same day and will be up to date on the latest industry technology and standards. For you, this means reduced risk and improved service standards, while protecting the value of your property assets.

Real Fixes, Not Just Bandaids 

If equipment isn’t working properly, a certified technician will not only fix the problem, they’ll be able to get to the root cause and offer solutions to prevent a similar failure in the future. But if you wait until a piece of equipment breaks down, there might not be time to find out what’s really going on.

Ability To Budget 

A PMP allows your organisation to be in control, budgeting for repairs based on a service schedule which can be monthly, quarterly, yearly or whatever is best for your business based on size, budget and need.

Maintain Brand Reputation 

Reduced throughput can have huge implications on a brand’s reputation, no matter what industry. A good reputation takes a long time to establish but can be tarnished quickly when things go wrong. A PMP helps prevent major delays or issues.


Overall, preventative maintenance is worth every penny.

It keeps your facilities running smoothly and efficiently and minimises the possibility of bigger issues like breakdowns, security breaches, or health and safety incidents.

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We recommend getting your door and dock systems serviced by an experienced technician at least every 12 months, if not more frequently. And don’t forget, if proper maintenance and servicing are not carried out regularly, your warranty may be void. Your facility’s door and dock systems perform an important role every day in keeping your people, your products, and your profits safe so keeping them operating at their best should be a high priority.


Talk to our team of experts today and see how we can help you make a preventative maintenance plan that works for you.




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