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3 Reasons Why High Speed Doors Are A Must For Food Processing Facilities

In a Food Processing facility, maintaining environmental control is a must not a given, and similarly, hygiene is also critical. At the same time, virtually every food processor is a high-volume operation and doors are constantly being opened and closed so that product can be moved quickly from room to room to boost profitability and get food out to market.

Thanks to the rapid operation and the design of Ulti Group high-speed doors which can operate at speeds of up to 3m/sec, there are three reasons why these doors are the solution you need.

1. Maximising Temperature Control

Slow-operating doors are a hindrance for high-traffic doorways. If traffic accesses the doorway frequently, the slower door leaves the opening exposed much longer than a high-speed door and cancels out the benefits of a potentially higher R-rated insulated panel. Rapid operating doors open in seconds, giving little time for cold air to escape and trapping more cold air in the chilled/freezer room.

Furthermore, there are rapid door options available specifically for freezers including the Ulti Frigo 2,  Ulti Flex, and Fastrax FR, which along with adding to the energy-saving benefits, can also operate as fast as standard rapid doors.

2. Providing a Tight Seal

Ulti Frigo 2

Each time a door opens, there is the risk that a panel will be hit by forklifts. When it comes to slow-operating doors, these collisions can happen frequently. Even if the door isn’t completely put out of action, the damage to the panel may cause gaps in the seal which can result in the loss of thousands of dollars of energy annually and make it difficult to maintain correct room temperatures. Also, if that door is damaged, the energy loss, threat to product quality, and decreased productivity can be considerable while the facility waits for the repair crew.

High-speed doors prevent vehicles from making contact and causing damage. However, if a collision should ever happen, doors like the Ulti Frigo 2 have a self-repairing feature which enables the door to be back in business immediately with the door auto re-feeding into the guides on a closing cycle.

3. Keeping Microorganisms in Their Place

Fastrax FR

When product arrives, it can be loaded with microorganisms, even if the supplier has painstakingly washed it down. Just the journey alone can expose product to contamination. Though total confinement of pathogens to their place of origin is beyond practicality, proper door selection and application can ensure that food travels through the plant safely and that an unacceptable level of the microorganisms does not.

Just as with organic contaminants, the air system can also carry dust into the operation. If these particles find their way into the refrigeration system, efficiency suffers, room temperature becomes harder to control, and the energy bill rises. High-speed doors can protect the refrigeration system from this invasion by reducing the flow of these airborne debris.

It’s clear, the combined benefits of high-speed doors for the Food Industry makes the investment well worth considering. Talk to one of the experts here at Ulti Group to find out how we can help provide a solution for your Food Processing facility that will meet your unique needs.


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