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3 Ways To Prevent Insects

The industrial doors you choose for your facility can play a leading role in keeping out insects and vermin whilst keeping air flowing through your facility on those hot summer days. From simple protective curtains to high-speed mesh roller doors to cutting-edge light and colour science, we’re experts at helping our clients with the perfect solutions.

Protective curtains

These are ideal for doorways that often remain open and see a lot of traffic flow, yet where for this very reason, insects are a constant pain in the neck. Essentially, PVC strip curtains act as a barrier helping prevent insects, debris and other unauthorised objects, entering from outside, whilst allowing free-flow pedestrian and materials handling traffic. In particular, our Anti-insect PVC Strip Curtain Kit, has strips that contain oil of citronella which is even more effective at deterring insects.  Read about the many benefits of PVC strip curtains here.

Ulti Roll Bug Shield Door

Made of heavy-duty mesh PVC, our Ulti Roll Bug Shield Door prevents insects flying in while also providing a visual barrier for security and allowing the free flow of air through your facility. It’s ideal for manufacturing, and warehousing facilities that want natural ventilation and light, but need to maintain hygiene and safety standards. It also comes with lots of other features and benefits that make this a popular choice in many New Zealand facilities. Check it out here.

Colour and light science – Insect Repellent PVC

Upgrade to the ultimate insect prevention solution that uses light and colour. Available with our Ulti Roll Entry doors, it works on the principles of how light-sensitive insects react to light wavelengths. The exterior of the door is a specific shade of green that can cut off the light waves seen by insects so it does not attract them. On the interior canvas, we use a colour range that insects do tend to fly towards which helps draw them towards the exit so they never get near the production line or sensitive areas. Research and trials found this method can prevent 80.7% of these types of insects; by comparison, clear curtains alone only prevented 48.3%.

We’ve got your pest protection needs covered

We understand the challenges you face when it comes to keeping your facility hygienic while also trying to maintain or improve efficiency, safety and security. We’re experts at finding door solutions that can help. Partner with Ulti Group to protect your people, plant and profits, and experience the difference our solutions make. Get in touch today.




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