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5 Tips to protect your supermarket from vermin



In the ever-evolving landscape of supermarket management, one of the perennial challenges is safeguarding your premises against vermin. Not only do these unwelcome guests pose a significant health risk, but they also threaten the integrity of your products, potentially leading to substantial financial losses and reputational damage.

As part of Ulti Group’s commitment to #excellence in retail environments, we’ve compiled five indispensable tips to protect your supermarket from vermin, leveraging our expertise and innovative product range to ensure your business remains pristine and pest-free.


Implementing Robust Cleaning Practices

The foundation of effective vermin control lies in rigorous sanitation practices. Regular cleaning schedules that focus on eliminating food residues from shelves, floors, and hidden corners can drastically reduce the attraction for pests.


Sealing Entry Points

Vermin, no matter their size, can squeeze through the smallest of gaps. It’s crucial to identify and seal all potential entry points, including cracks in walls, gaps around doors and windows, and openings for utilities.


Smart Storage Solutions

Proper storage is key to preventing vermin access to food. Our innovative storage solutions are designed to keep your products safe and secure. By utilising airtight containers and elevated shelving units, you minimise the risk of contamination and make it significantly harder for pests to access food sources.


Regular Inspections and Monitoring

Early detection is vital in managing vermin infestations. Regular inspections of your premises, including hard-to-reach areas and #stockrooms, can help identify signs of pests before they become a major issue.


Professional Pest Control Services

Despite your best efforts, sometimes professional intervention is necessary to effectively manage a vermin problem.


Implementing these tips will significantly enhance your supermarket’s defenses against vermin. At Ulti Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by retail businesses in New Zealand and are dedicated to providing solutions that protect your assets, health, and reputation.


We offer a range of door sealing solutions that are not only effective but also comply with New Zealand building standards, ensuring your supermarket is fortified against unwanted guest.


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