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A Good Seal Makes All The Difference


Loading docks make life easier for large warehousing, logistics, and storage facilities all over the world. They save time, effort, and in most cases, make your site a safer working environment. But…they are also large holes in the side of your building!

Goods come and go throughout the day, opening your up facility, your products, and your people to everything from wind, rain, dust, bugs and other contaminants.

So, while dock loading systems are essential, they should come with the right seal or shelter solution. Not only will a good seal or shelter stop the nasties getting in, they also significantly reduce expensive energy from escaping.


Weather-related product damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, facility hygiene and cleanliness, air quality, maintenance of product quality characteristics and passing inspections are all concerns related to protecting and controlling the environment at the loading dock.

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Anything a company can do to seal up these holes in the wall, ensuring a complete seal at every dock door, can have an immediate positive effect.

Sealing these gaps can save you thousands of dollars per year in energy costs, protect products from weather-related damage, keep employees safe and comfortable, and help prevent contaminants from entering your facility.

Every loading dock sealing of shelter situation is unique and to determine your specific needs, examine the following factors, guided by the word SEALS :

Situation, Environmental control, Access, Long life, Support and options.

Protect product quality, energy loss and building damage during your dock loading with innovative dock seals and shelters, which seal off the smallest of gaps and take the harshest of impacts.

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