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Could you save a life in your doorway?

Safety of your employees and protection of your equipment around a site is crucial, but have you thought about your doorways being a potential hazard area? Maybe you’ve seen something but it never triggered that ‘light bulb’ moment that it was an issue?

Watch the video to the below  to see how our Advanced Warning Technology lighting works as well as the brand new countdown timer from our supplier – Rite Hite.

Reduce blind spots and collisions at door openings, turns and intersections.

Flashing lights alert personnel of approaching traffic through doorways or where there is obstructed visibility, therefore dramatically enhancing the safety of your personnel. It gives your personnel ‘virtual vision’ to see whether it is safe or unsafe to pass through a doorway. (which they do sometimes at great speed!)

PROTECT ANY DOOR OPENING Any doorways, gateways, hidden corners and insulated doors without windows can have safety lights added for safety – regardless of manufacturer.

FLEXIBLE MOUNTING LED lights can be installed wherever it is the most practical and convenient for personnel viewing.

Do you want to save a life? We do. 

View our Advanced Warning Technology page by clicking here.

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