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How Golden Bay Fruit Achieved USDA Approval at the Loading Dock

The Challenge

Golden Bay Fruit needed to meet the stringent USDA approval levels for fruit export, simplify processes and procedures, and improve safety and efficiency.

The Solution

Ulti Group designed and installed a bespoke USDA-approved loading dock system including Ulti Roll Rapid Door, Insulated Sectional Door, Vertical Storing Dock Leveller, Inflatable Dock Seal and Smart Interlocked Controls, that prevents bugs or insects from entering the container area, with added safety tech such as a reversing notification system and smart interlocked wheel chock with safe loading confirmation.

The Result

Golden Bay Fruit achieved USDA approval levels, increasing their quality and production efficiency, reduced hazards and delays, and now have access to premium export markets.

If you are looking for a success story of how technology and automation can improve the quality and efficiency, and therefore profits made from fruit export, look no further than Golden Bay Fruit in Motueka, New Zealand. Golden Bay Fruit partnered with Ulti Group, a leading provider of industrial doors and dock loading systems, to install a USDA-approved loading dock system, that met the highest standards of safety and hygiene, giving them access to premium export markets.

Golden Bay Fruit is a family-owned company that grows apples, pears and kiwifruit for export markets. They have over 750 hectares of apple orchards and 100 hectares of kiwifruit orchards in Motueka. They have invested heavily in automation and technology aiming to simplify processes and procedures wherever possible to optimize their efficiency and productivity, with the goal of providing fruit of the highest quality to their customers.

As part of their investment in world-class automation, Ulti Group was asked to design and install an exclusive USDA-approved loading dock for Golden Bay Fruit, requiring complex equipment design with careful sequencing. USDA approval levels are very stringent and hard to achieve, and they guarantee that the fruit meets the highest quality standards for export markets. The USDA loading dock system helps ensure that no bugs or insects gain access to the area of the container being loaded, which is one of the requirements of USDA approval levels. 

The loading dock system also provides several benefits for Golden Bay Fruit in terms of safety and efficiency. It eliminates the need to climb up onto the scally trailer, which is a common but dangerous practice in the industry. It also reduces hazards and delays associated with loading containers. It uses a reversing notification system that tells the truck driver where to stop, a smart interlocked wheel chock system that prevents accidental drive-off, and a safe loading confirmation for the forklift drivers inside the building.

Ulti Group is a trusted partner to Golden Bay Fruit providing full-service backup to all their products, long-term warranties, and peace of mind to know that they are in safe hands. We are proud to partner with cutting-edge companies in New Zealand, such as Golden Bay Fruit to complement efficient and effective operations with innovative door and dock loading systems.

If you want to learn more about how Ulti Group can help your business achieve your goals, reach out to us on 0800 807 753.


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