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Labour of Love at the Hawera Foodbank Garden

Here’s another day of charity from our Ulti team in Hawera.  Jum Macdonald, Kathryn Banks, Jason Wadsworth and Warren Bublitz joined together to help out with planting food for their local foodbank garden.

Foodbank is a non-profit charitable organization that distributes food to those struggling Kiwis – there are all sorts of people living week-to-week who need help when confronted by an unexpected setback. The food parcels include fresh produce, meat and dairy, pantry staples, as well as personal care and cleaning items.

Let’s look at how well they’ve shown their planting skills!


Kathryn, Jason, Warren and Jum having fun while volunteering for the local Foodbank on their Charity Day

Why did you choose your Local Foodbank as the charity you wanted to support?

 Jum: “Because we wanted to support a local charity, and be involved with the community.”

 Kathryn: “We chose the Local Foodbank as the charity to support as it is within our local community. We wanted to help those less fortunate than ourselves.”

 How did your volunteering experience go? What did you do?

Jum: “Some of the Central team decided to go together as a group, where we planted potatoes for the local foodbank. It was great fun working together in the Hawera sunshine!”

 Kathryn: “We decided to do a team effort for this experience. We hoed the ground, planted potatoes and fertilised them. It was fun working outside knowing that you were helping out within the community.”



Jum and Kathryn snap a photo before planting the potatoes.

How did it make you feel being able to volunteer and give time to this charity?

Jum: “Appreciative that Ulti Group invests time in us, in order for us as individuals/as a group to get into the wider community and help out.” 

Kathryn: “I felt very humble helping and listening to the organiser of this charity who is a husband and wife team. They pay for the plants etc themselves. Life had been good to them over the years so they thought that they would give something back to the community. Pay it forward. It was fantastic that Ulti Group came up with the idea of a Charity Day so we were able to do help out within the community”😃

 Anything fun, interesting, quirky you want to tell us about?

Jum: “Everyone should own a pair of red bands!”

Kathryn: “Don’t be scared of getting your hands dirty to help out.”


 Well done team! 💪😁


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