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Our Ulti-Fold Rapid Doors are in the newly opened Ravensdown fertilizer plant in New Plymouth

Ravensdown is a major fertilizer co-operative that primarily manufactures and supplies fertilisers to the agricultural sector in New Zealand. They also offer other farm inputs and services to help farmers reduce environmental impacts and optimize value from their land.

Ravensdown recently opened a $30 million environment-friendly state-of-the-art fertiliser plant in New Plymouth with an area of 1.5 hectares. This new facility primarily serves as a precision blending plant to produce better quality fertilisers.

This newly-built facility emphasises the importance of enclosed operation for mixing, handling and packing of fertiliser to reduce dust and prevent trucks tracking product out of the store site. These conditions require a fast-acting door that will allow them to maintain good control for all vehicle movements and provide excellent environmental barrier to help contain dust and odour inside the building.

The Ulti-Fold Rapid Acting door fit the bill.

Five Ulti-Fold Rapid Acting doors were installed in the Ravensdown New Plymouth Fertiliser Plant. Each have a 3-phase heavy duty motor for fast variable operation with an opening speed of up to 1.5m/sec and a robust design that can withstand high wind loading (160 kph). There are large vision panels within the door for operator safety and photo safety eye sensors across the door line to prevent false closure and increase safety.

One of the Ravensdown Ulti-Fold rapid doors with vision panel to allow natural light.

Ulti Group’s Ulti-Fold Rapid Acting Door is a great solution for larger openings. Being a fast and sturdy door, it works on a simple low maintenance principle where the door is lifted vertically by straps fixed to horizontal wind bars embedded in the curtain. This keeps the maintenance very simple. Also, with its high speed and safety reversing edge, the Ulti-Fold Door leads to increased productivity while providing product and personnel safety.

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This project was written up in NZ Farmer and published on the Stuff website. 

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