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Protect Your Fruit Harvest With PVC Strip Curtains

Bugs, birds, dust, debris, and the weather can all have a negative impact on the safety and value of your hard-earned harvest. Anything getting into storage or chillers could potentially cost thousands of dollars or damage, eating (literally!) into your profits!

PVC Strip Curtains make it simple to keep out the critters and ensure your crop is protected and kept in the best condition possible.

Low cost and highly effective, PVC Strip Curtains are an affordable solution that works! Rounded edges also protect your people and machinery making coming and going easy and issue-free.

Protect Your Fruit Harvest with PVC Strip Curtains

Here are some of the benefits of PVC Strip Curtains:

  • Allow visibility and light for safety
  • Reduce noise dramatically
  • Stop insect and dust intrusion
  • Create a comfortable working environment
  • Reduce condensation issues
  • Maintain temperatures

Here at Ulti Group, we’ve got your needs covered with a wide range of options available from replacement strips to complete made-to-measure curtains. They’re suitable for most doorways and virtually anywhere you want to section off to protect your valuable fruit.

View our full range and order online in just a few simple steps.

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If you need help deciding which kind you need, check out our handy guide to choosing PVC Strip Curtains.

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