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The latest and greatest! New Cutting-edge Massey University Food Research Facility

The $45m AgResearch and Massey University Food Science Facility is about to be opened! Featuring laboratories and shared spaces focused around education and research into meat and dairy. It will be known as Te Ohu Rangahau Kai.

This building consists of a three-storey, 5000 square metre facility that will be New Zealand’s largest argi-food innovation centre! This concept is going to accelerate innovation by having world-class talent working together under one roof. In the case of food research, it means the opportunity for new generation products that offer exciting new textures and flavours and improve peoples ‘health and nutrition’.

It will house up to 140 researchers. In addition to general office-spaces, it will have 1800m2 of laboratories and 900m2 of meat and dairy pilot plants. Food pilot plants are small factories that enable developers to create and test new products. The new section of the pilot plant will be immediately adjacent to the current Massey University Food Pilot, which is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning a significant enhancement of the facilities in close proximity that increase services to the food industry.

Ulti Group is privileged to be part of this project, supplying a variety of Specialist Doors into the facility. This project has distinctive requirements around size, gaps, hygiene and temperature control. Requiring large fully sealed Stainless Steel Hinged and Sliding Doors, suitable for extreme temperature variations down to -30 degrees Celsius and unique configurations around meat rails.

Ulti Group have designed, supplied and installed a world-class solution suited to their environment and requirements. This includes several large High Hygiene Temperature Controlled Stainless Steel Doors, along with several of our Ulti Roll Rapid Doors.

Stainless Steel Chiller Doors

Stainless Steel Food-grade Ulti Roll

Insulated Chiller Doors

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