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What are the Different Door Activation Options

There is a multitude of ways to automate the activation of doors, from motion sensors, radars, pull cords, push buttons and more.

Activation systems give you the ability to increase productivity by allowing personnel and traffic to move through your doorways with speed and ease, decreasing costs associated with door damage and false cycles, and improving doorway safety on your site.


Manual operated or activated doors have proven to be a risk at facilities. This can be easily and inexpensively addressed by changing the activation model from manual to automatic, by upgrading to touchless activations. There are a lot of different options out there, and we can help you to decide what would work best for your facility.

Activation COVID-19


Magic Switch

CONTACTLESS SENSORDoor is activated when motion is detected within the small radar window up to 50cm, and activates the door without any physical contact with the sensor. A hygienic solution for retail, food, and healthcare. Ideal replacement option for manual push button activations.