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What are the different Sectional Door Track Types?

So you know you need a sectional door, but with all the different track options out there, which track type is the best fit for your application? Let’s look into what each different option is and when they’re most commonly used…๐Ÿ‘‡

Std. Lift

Standard Lift.

As per the name, the Standard Lift track type is the typical track type for any sectional door, much the same as your typical sectional garage door. As such, it can be used in most standard applications, particularly where there is a low headroom allowance. For example, if pipes or structural elements are obstructing the space above the door. Note, however, that it will require greater horizontal space than other track types so if you have more overhead space available, high lift or vertical lift track types are often preferred in industrial applications.

High Lift

High Lift.

The High Lift track type is very similar to the Standard Lift. However, here the door rolls upward first, before going horizontal, meaning where there is greater headroom, and/or less horizontal space, this solution would be ideal. Essentially, this prevents the door tracks from creating a lower obstruction in your building, allowing you to make better use of your space, for increased storage or more space for product inventory. Note, the spring system can be set just above the door opening (similar to a standard lift) making maintenance easier.

Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift.

Vertical Lift Doors do just that. Commonly installed in Warehouses or at Loading Docks, they rise vertically, with no horizontal movement at all. These are ideal for applications where there is plenty of headroom above the door (at least as much as the door opening height), and/or no horizontal space. These allow you to make the best use of your space and lower the risk of accidents and resulting repair costs due to the potential for vehicles etc. to hit horizontal tracks. Like the high lift track system, the spring system can also be set just above the door opening making maintenance easier.



On the more expensive end, the Spiral track system for a Sectional Door is one you may not be as aware of. In terms of headroom required, this track type involves relatively small vertical and horizontal space. Due to the unique drive system over against the standard spring assemblies, sectional doors with this track type are also much faster, and require less maintenance, making them perfect for environments where you have intensive logistic movements. And… they’re super quiet!

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