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Why Our Customers Trust Us – A Comprehensive Insight

At Ulti Group, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we conducted an extensive customer feedback survey, of which we received over 150 detailed responses. The insights we gained not only affirm our strengths but will also guide our path forward. Striving for the ultimate customer experience is a journey, not a destination, but here’s a detailed look into what our customers said about us and why Ulti Group stands as a trusted name in the industry.


Celebrating Our Strengths

The overwhelming sentiment from our survey was resoundingly positive. Here’s what our customers appreciate the most:

  1. Exceptional Quality and Great Products: Our clients have spoken highly of our product quality and service excellence. One customer remarked, “The Ulti Team have been professional, knowledgeable & communicative. They do what they say they would do in a timely manner.”
  2. Responsive and Timely Service: We understand that time is of the essence, and our customers value our responsiveness. As one client aptly put it, “Very attentive and quick to response.”
  3. Adding Value to Customers: Our aim for smooth and pleasant interactions has been well-received. A customer shared, “The products that we have taken on board have added value to the business in terms of cost savings and efficiency.”

Beyond these, customers consistently mentioned our “great service and communication”, “excellence”, and “professionalism”, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-notch customer experiences.


Your Confidence in us by the Numbers:
    • Your willingness to recommend us is a powerful endorsement. Our NPS stands at an impressive 60.14, indicating a high likelihood of our customers recommending us to others. This score is a testament to the trust and loyalty we’ve built with your support.
Almost Universally Happy Customers:
    • An overwhelming 98% of respondents expressed happiness with our services. The detailed sentiment analysis showed 97.99% Happy, 1.34% Neutral, and 0.67% Unhappy responses.
Highly Likely to Recommend:
    • Customers gave us a high average rating of 8.82/10 for on whether they would recommend Ulti Group, indicating they are highly likely to recommend to others across the board.


Our Journey of Improvement

We’re not just here to pat ourselves on the back. Your feedback is a goldmine for improvement, and we’re constantly referring back to it to help guide our strategy as we move forward. While many of you are happy with our service, we’ve specifically noted in our feedback the need for more proactive communication. So, watch this space as we work though ways we can be even better!


Feedback In Your Own Words

“Paul is great to work with and knows the product very well. He is timely in communications and explains carefully in advance, the Ulti requirements. Paul is a great asset! Also great products. Best wishes for the next 30!”

“The Ulti Team have been professional, knowledgeable & communicative. They do what they say they would do in a timely manner. As we are also part of a much larger group it is reassuring to know we are being looked after by such a reputable company.”

“I found Ernie and the Ulti Group team to be amazing for the recent supply and installation of a speed door on one of our projects. Right from the beginning, Ulti Group were professional, experienced and overall amazing with the process. Congrats Ulti Group!”


Building Trust, One Client at a Time

The insights from our 30th Birthday Survey are a testament to the trust and confidence our customers have in Ulti Group. From exceptional product quality to responsive services, and from continuous improvement to impressive customer satisfaction metrics, these findings underscore our dedication to excellence. As we move forward, we take these insights as guiding beacons to further enhance our services and maintain the high standards that our customers have come to expect from us.

Your feedback is the cornerstone of our growth. To our loyal customers, thank you for your continuous support and trust. To our future clients, we invite you to experience the commitment and quality that define us here at Ulti Group. With Ulti Group, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a partner you can trust.


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