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Why Replacing your Refrigeration Systems might not be the Answer

Many of you struggling to maintain temperature control in refrigerated or freezer environments have likely spent thousands on maintenance, repairs, and energy loss over time. You’re probably thinking that it’s time to replace or update your refrigeration systems. However, our experience in this industry has taught us that more often than not, this is not the answer. In time, you’ll be no closer to solving the problem and will be suffering the same headaches all over again. Trust us, the ice build-up around your doorways, including the floor and walls is more likely to be a result of an ineffective Door System.

We spoke to our Sales Manager about a recent example we’ve come across. A client was having problems controlling the temperature in his facility.  He was about to sign up to a new refrigeration system which would have been a significant investment for his company. After talking to the team here at Ulti Group, however, he was convinced to go with an Ulti high-speed door. The decision has certainly proved worth the investment he made and maintaining temperature control in his facility has never been easier.

Wondering the reasons why?

Your door should save energy by reducing heat and humidity infiltration, improve product quality by maintaining proper temperatures and improv