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Dock Safety & Accessories

Want to protect your employees and equipment from harm, while improving the efficiency of your operations? Invest in Ulti Group’s dock safety range including truck restraints, dock bumpers, wheel chocks, and dock light communication systems, for peace of mind and a safer work environment.

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At Ulti Group, we understand that safety is of paramount importance when it comes to loading docks. That’s why we offer a wide range of dock safety options designed to keep accidents at bay. Our range includes innovative products like truck restraints, dock bumpers, smart wheel chocks, and dock light communication systems to protect your employees and equipment from harm.

By investing in our dock safety solutions, you can improve the safety and efficiency of your loading dock operations, ultimately saving you time and money while ensuring the well-being of your team. Don’t wait until an accident happens; protect your people, plant, and profits today with Ulti Group’s dock safety solutions.

Safety Lighting for the Loading Dock
Centralised Controls for all Dock Equipment
Heavy Duty Rails to Ensure Loading Alignment
Electronic Wheel Chock Vehicle Restraints
Manual Surface Mounted Vehicle Restraint
Industry’s Most Reliable All-Weather Wheel Chock

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