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Freezer & Coolroom Doors

 Specialist range of high speed and super-insulated doors to maximise energy savings, safety and productivity in your freezers and coolrooms.

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Cool Doors, Cold Products

With Ulti Group’s freezer and cool room doors, you can ensure that your products stay fresh and your energy costs stay low while maximising efficiency and productivity in your facility. With advanced insulation, our doors help maintain a consistent and precise temperature inside the freezer or cool room, critical for ensuring the quality and safety of your products inside.

Protect your perishable goods and improve energy efficiency with Ulti Group’s freezer doors – enquire now to see how we can help!

High Speed Double Insulated Freezer Door
Insulated Vertical Lift Spiral Door
High-Velocity Re-circulatory Air Door
Double-Insulated Blast Freezer Door
Double-Insulated Door With Integrated Air Barrier System
High Performance Bi-Parting Freezer Door
High Speed Freezer Door
Our Projects

Van Dyke Fine Foods

Do you want to save money, boost efficiency, and improve safety in your freezer doors? Then you need to check out how Van Dyck Fine Foods did it with Frigo 2 doors from Ulti Group.

Our Projects

Independent Fisheries

Do you want to learn how one of the largest fishing companies in New Zealand improved their food processing quality and efficiency with innovative rapid doors? Find out how.


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