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Door Activation Systems

Sensors and radars for automated doors

Want to increase efficiency in your warehouse?

Install a Door Activation System such as motion sensors, radars, pull cords, push buttons and forklift remotes.

Door Activation Systems give you the ability to increase productivity by allowing personnel and traffic to move through your doorways with speed and ease, decreasing costs associated with damage and false cycles, and improving doorway safety on your site.

High Security
Enhanced Safety
Increase Speed
Door Activation Systems

Touchless Activations

Manual operated or activated doors have proven to be a risk at many facilities. Often this risk can be easily addressed by changing the activation model from manual to automatic or upgrading to touchless activations. We bring you all the best options and the experience in applying these correctly in your facility.

Floor Induction Loop

The door is activated when steel crosses the loop. Ideal for interior and exterior applications and high cycle/high-speed traffic. Protects door from damage and maximises productivity as there is minimal waiting time.

Motion Sensor

The door is activated when any motion is detected inside the sensing area. Used for both interior and exterior door openings. Ideal for high-traffic openings accommodating both pedestrians and material handling equipment.


The door is activated when the infrared light beam is interrupted. Used in interior door openings. Ideal for high-traffic openings. Minimises false cycles, provides total automatic door operation and works well in ramp locations or confined spaces.

Touchless Hand Sensor

The door is activated when motion is detected within the small radar window, and activates the door without any physical contact with the sensor. A hygienic solution and an ideal replacement option for manual push button activations.

Door Activation Systems

Manual Activations

These are also commonly used activations, where hygiene and efficiency are a lower priority.

Push Button

The door is activated when the control button is pushed. This is used at interior or exterior door openings with pedestrian traffic and is typically used in conjunction with other activations. This can be conveniently located and the doors can give controls in multiple locations.

Radio Remote Control

 Door is activated with a handheld or remote-type opener. This is used at interior or exterior openings. Ideal for moderate speed traffic, and requires manual operation. Minimises false cycles, provides high level of operation control and improves security. Ideal for tight floor space surrounding door or where multiple adjacent doors.

Pull Cord

The door is activated when the rope is pulled. Used both at interior and exterior openings, and requires manual operation. Best used with low column, and slow speed traffic. This slows traffic at unsafe openings. Doors can have controls in multiple locations, which reduced false cycles from cross traffic.

Foot Switch

Door is activated when the foot switch is pushed. Used in interior/exterior applications and requires manual operation. Best used in a slow speed traffic situation where hygiene is still a concern, slowing the traffic and unsafe openings and stopping the spread of germs. Cross contamination risk eliminated.


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