Astron Plastics Access Barriers and Overhead Protection Solution

Traffic management barriers and overhead protection barriers were installed at the Astron Plastics’ waste processing facility to keep pedestrians and employees safe across the passage areas.

Astron is one of Australasia’s largest processors of plastic waste converting the said materials into recycled plastic resin, recycled slip sheets and AS4702 underground cable covers. They have been at the forefront of plastic recycling for over 30 years with recycling and manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

With large quantities of plastic waste materials moving across their processing facility in Auckland, access barriers and overhead protection covers were installed to ensure that all the workers and employees walking across passage areas are safe from forklifts and overhead container spillages.

Our team at Ulti Group supplied and installed single rail barriers with handrails and overhead protection barriers for the pedestrian walkway area of their facility. A safety gate and bollards was also added for maximum safety and easy access.

These protection barriers for pedestrian passage areas keep facilities safe and accessible while preventing accidents. Safety passage areas are created using customizable and durable protection barriers for pedestrian access.

This barrier is designed as a modular system which can be easily assembled together for fast and easy installation. It is also customizable as the modular system can be fixed on continuous line or on a bend.

Ensure maximum safety and protection for your facility and employees now just as Astron Plastics did. Email or call us at 0800 807 753 for enquiries.