Carter Holt Harvey Project

Ulti Group’s Kerikeri experts have just done a very fine installation of Ulti-Fold Door, a large Folding Warehouse Door with extra strength wind bars for the truck entrance doors of the Carter Holt Harvey LVL Plant in Marsden Point.

Carter Holt Harvey is one of the leading forest products companies in Australasia. They are a trade-focussed building supplies and hardware distributor for both residential and commercial markets across New Zealand.

Carter Holt Harvey approached Ulti Group to provide a high cycle door for the Marsden Point plants’ truck entrance doors that is used for dispatch. The truck entrance door is open all day and it also happens to be very exposed to very strong winds. The wind was a problem for the site but the roller shutter door was not able to be closed during the day due to frequent traffic through the opening. It needs a door which could handle the 120kmh+ winds which sometimes come upon this opening.

Ulti Group selected the Ulti-Fold Door which is ideal for dust control in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This rapid acting folding door is ideal for situations where both speed and strength are required. It is an economic solution for all warehouses indeed!

This high speed folding warehouse door is the ultimate balance between size, strength, and speed.

For this application, the door was made with extra strength wind bars with a wind rating of 150kmh at 5000mm wide and 4800mm high.

Likewise, due to trucks using the opening tower beam light grill safety sensors were also added at 2.3m high to prevent the door closing between a truck and its trailer (a common problem with automatic doors).

We thank Carter Holt Harvey for making the right decision, and look forward to working with them in future!


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